Sales Management

Manage all your sales in one place and easily access all customers’ information

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Sales Overview

Why juggle between multiple
platforms when you can manage everything
in one place?

Our module allows you to oversee every aspect of your business’s sales from a single, comprehensive dashboard. Whether it’s daily, weekly, or monthly updates, you have the power to monitor sales and accounts effortlessly


The Smartest Way To Manage Your Sales

Sales monitor your sales performance like a coach and let you know whether you are on track. Get real-time reports about every sales activity you make, make smarter decisions, and manage your business’s general sales more efficiently.

Manage every aspect of your business sales from one place. Get sales updates on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Monitor your sales and accounts from a single comprehensive dashboard.

Get an overview of all your quotes, sales orders, and invoices. Know who ordered what and easily monitor order fulfillment. Get vital information like status, account, assigned user, created date, etc. in one single list or grid.

Manage the individual aspects of your business. Get the status, amount, assigned users, created date, and other important information in a single list. Easily print out sales orders, sales invoices, and add new items to existing orders. Effectively manage your calls and schedule meetings. Plan ahead for your activities and always stay prepared.
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Management Sales

Never lose a client to poor sales management ever again! Easily manage your Sales, Calls, Documents, Quotes, Meeting Schedules, Opportunities, and Orders from one intuitive dashboard.

Sales Reports

Modify Vital Sales Info With Ease

Access a wide range of easily customizable features in one place. Get an overview of your sales invoices, quotes, and sales order- all under one roof.

Modify and update your generated sales quotes with ease. Convert your quotes to sales orders, get accurate information, and add new orders and products without stress.

Get paid for work done, fast. Integrate several payment options for diverse clients and make the payment process stress-free. Easily safeguard your clients’ payments by using Stripe, PayPal, Flutterwave, and more.

In the sales invoice, you can view the monthly report and in the sales invoice. You can also view the assigned accountant status-wise.
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Fully Integrated
With Other Modules

Seamlessly connects and shares data among various modules


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