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Our industry solutions are helping solve complex business challenges and digitally transforming companies worldwide.

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Industry Solutions?

Industry cloud provides specialized industry-focused solutions to help you optimize, extend, and transform your core business processes.
Tailored Solutions

Solutions come pre-configured with industry best practices, workflows, and compliance requirements, reducing the need for extensive customization and accelerating time-to-value.

Accelerate Innovation

Move faster and innovate quickly with industry cloud solutions that help address your industry-specific needs to help you take advantage of the latest technological developments in an efficient way.

Grow Your Business

Because every business is different, our industrial solutions are designed with flexibility in mind. As your business grows, you can customise and extend ATradezone™ Cloud to meet your evolving needs.

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Industry innovation has helped companies across multiple sectors run better. See how our industry solutions can help you transform your business.


  • Agriculture Management
  • Dairy and Cattle Management
  • Product Quality Control Management


  • Car Dealership
  • Vehicle Booking Management
  • Vehicle Inspection Management

Cargo, Transportation, and Logistics

  • Courier Management
  • Consignment Management
  • Freight Management System

Consumer Products

  • Beauty Spa Management

Engineering, Construction, and Operations

  • Computerised Maintenance Management (CMMS)
  • Machine Repair Management
  • Repair Management System


  • Legal Case Management


  • Hospital Management
  • Pharmacy Management
  • Medical Lab Management

Higher Education and Research

  • School / Institute Management
  • Music Institute Management

Industrial Manufacturing

  • Manufacturing Management
  • Beverages Production System


  • Insurance Management

Media and Entertainment

  • Newspaper Distribution Management

Mining Sector

  • Quality Control Management


  • GYM Management


  • Waste Management

Real Estate

  • Property Management

Retail Services

  • Rental Management

Passenger Travel and Leisure

  • Tour & Travel Management
  • Hotel & Rooms Management

Wholesale Distribution

  • Fleet Management
  • Equipment Management

Professional Services

  • Sales Agent Operations Management
  • Sales Commission Management
  • Childcare Management
  • Catering Management
  • Visitor Management
  • Cleaning Management
  • Laundry Management

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