enterprise operations
using ATradezone Cloud!

Streamline enterprise operations
using ATradezone Cloud!

ATradezone Cloud providing an integrated cloud based enterprise solutions to centralize data and ensuring that all relevant information is easily accessible from a single source.
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Powerful features optimise internal process
faster at your fingertips

SaaS solution is designed to streamline the operations of a manufacturer from supply chain management to sales management, which allows improving the company’s productivity and reducing operational costs.
Smart Manufacturing
Gives you the control you need over all aspects of production planning and materials management.
Supplier Relationship
Effectively managing suppliers and ensuring that all contractual agreements align with the business’s requirements.
Financial Managements
Record, track, and analyse financial transactions to assess the financial well-being of the business.
Human Resources Management
Simplify and streamline your payroll process with Simple affordable payroll, ensuring accurate and efficient payment for your employees while avoiding costly mistakes caused by human error or outdated systems.
Content AI Generator
Experience the power of AI and elevate your business operations with its AI-driven functionalities. Simplify your communication, enhance your visual content, and streamline transcription and translation tasks with AI. (Like: Writing proposal and contract, cold email, Welcome Email, Follow-up Email, Article Generator, Content Rewrite, Summarise text, Product Description, Etc…) Discover the possibilities and unlock new opportunities for your business today.

Cloud Deals Management

Easy way to manage and organize deals/leads, contacts, and companies, and have a clear overview of the next actions that need to be taken to successfully close a sale.
Customizable Sales Workflow
Cloud Deals offers a highly flexible and customizable sales workflow tailored to the specific needs of your company. You can create custom pipelines and stages to organize and track deals/leads, contacts, and companies.
Automated Activities and Reminders
Cloud Deals provides a comprehensive activities feature that helps you manage your sales tasks efficiently. You can create follow-up activities, set custom reminders for yourself or your team members, and track the progress of each activity.

Simplify processes,
gain real-time insights

Unlock the potential of your organization with our cutting-edge Cloud ERP software. Streamline operations, improve collaboration, and drive growth across your entire business.
Get Real-Time Analytics and Reporting
Advanced Automation and Workflow Management
Modern Centralized Data Management

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Frequently Asked Questions?

Cloud ERP refers to enterprise resource planning software that is hosted and accessed through the cloud, while traditional ERP systems are typically installed on-premises. The key difference is the deployment method, with Cloud ERP offering advantages such as scalability, accessibility, and lower upfront costs compared to traditional ERP systems.

Cloud ERP software providers prioritize data security and employ robust measures to protect sensitive information. This includes encryption of data, strict access controls, regular backups, and adherence to industry-standard security certifications. Reputable Cloud ERP providers invest in data security to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of customer data.
The implementation timeline for Cloud ERP software for deals management varies depending on factors such as the organization’s size, complexity of processes, and customization requirements. Smaller organizations with simpler needs may be able to implement Cloud ERP for deals management in a matter of weeks, while larger enterprises with more intricate processes may require several months. Effective planning, collaboration with the software provider, and dedicated resources can help expedite the implementation process.
Cloud ERP software offers numerous benefits for deals management, including centralized data management, customizable sales workflows, automated activities, and real-time analytics. These features enable organizations to streamline their deals/leads, contacts, and company management, gain better visibility into the sales pipeline, improve collaboration, and ultimately enhance the chances of successfully closing sales.